2005 NEC Code

Article 410 – (Luminaires) Lighting Fixtures, Lamp holders, and Lamps 

Section XV Lighting Track

410.101 (A) Lighting Track
``Lighting Track shall be permanently installed and permanently connected to a branch circuit. Only lighting fittings shall be installed on lighting track. Lighting track fittings shall not be equipped with general – purpose receptacles.´´

410.101 (B) Connected Load 
``The connected load on lighting track shall not exceed the rating of the track. Lighting track shall be supplied by a branch circuit having a rating not more than that of the track.´´

410.101    (C) Locations Not Permitted
``Lighting Track shall not be installed in the following locations:
1.    Where likely subjected to physical damage
2.    In wet or damp locations
3.    Where subject to corrosive vapors
4.    In storage battery rooms
5.    In hazardous (classified) locations
6.    Where concealed
7.    Where extended through walls or partitions
8.    Less than 1.5m (5 ft) above the finished floor except where protected from physical damage or track operating at less than 30 volts rms open - circuit voltage.
9.    Within the zone measured 900mm (3 ft) horizontally and 2.5m 
(8 ft) vertically from the top of the bathtub rim´´

410.104 Fastening
``Lighting Track shall be securely mounted so that each fastening will be suitable for supporting the maximum weight of luminaires (fixtures) that can be installed. Unless identified for supports at greater intervals, a single section 1.2 m (4 ft) or shorter in length shall have two supports, and where installed in a continuous row, each individual section of not more than 1.2 m (4 ft) in length shall have an additional support.´´

Note: Lighting Services Inc has identified its track for support greater than 1.2m (4ft.). LSI has qualified, through listing with U.L. that supports should not be greater than 1.8m (6ft.) intervals.

Article 220 – Branch – Circuit, Feeder, and Service Calculations

Section III. Feeder and Service Load Calculations

220.43 (A) Show Windows 
``For show-window lighting, a load of not less than 660 volt-amperes/linear meter or 200 volt-amperes/linear foot shall be included for a show window, measured horizontally along its base.´´

220.43A (B) Track Lighting 
``For track lighting in other than dwelling units or guest rooms of hotels or motels, an additional load of 150 volt-amperes shall be included for every 2 Ft. (600mm) of lighting track or fraction thereof. Where multi-circuit track is installed, the load shall be considered to be divided equally between the track circuits.´´

Reprinted from 2005 NEC Handbook, page 109: 


``A lighting plan shows 62.5 linear ft. of single circuit track lighting for a small department store featuring clothing. Because the actual track lighting fixtures are owner supplied, neither the quantity of track lighting fixtures nor the lamp size is specified. What is the minimum calculated load associated with the track lighting that must be added to the service or feeder supplying the store?´´


``According to 220.43(B), the minimum calculated load to be added to the service or feeder supplying the track light installation is calculated as follows:

62.5 ft. divided by 2 ft = 31.25, rounded up to 32. 32 x 150 VA = 4800 VA

Thus, the minimum load that must be added to the service or feeder calculation is 4800 volt-amperes.

It is important to note that the branch circuits supplying this installation are covered in 410.101(B). For the track lighting branch circuit load, the maximum load on the track cannot exceed the rating of the branch circuit supplying the track. Also, the track must be supplied by a branch circuit that has a rating not exceeding the rating of the track. The track length does not enter into the branch circuit calculation. 

Section 220.43(B) is not intended to limit the number of feet of track on a single branch circuit, nor is it intended to limit the number of fixtures on an individual track. Rather, 220.43(B) is meant to be used solely for load calculations of feeders and services.´´