236 Series: LSI´s New Accent Lighting Fixture

Lighting Services Inc, Manufacturer of Track, Accent, Display and Fiber Optic Lighting Systems, is pleased to announce the 236 Series. The 236 Series Spotlight is a specification grade accent lighting fixture that provides a visually quiet, glare-free light to enhance any interior space.

The 236 Series features a patented LSI ``user-friendly´´ snap-in socket for tool-less installation of both PAR36 and AR111 lamps. The light-weight 236 unit is supplied with a 75 VA electronic transformer which is integrated into the track fitting.

The 236 Series includes an internal accessory cartridge that holds up to three accessories, a fully rotational front end for lens rotation with positive lock and 2-tone paint for control of spill light. A 45° cross baffle (removable) for glare control and internal lamp rotation lock is available as an option.

The 236 Series is available in 100, 120, 230 and 240 voltages, as well as a variety of finishes including: Platinum, Graphite, Black, White, and Silver.

UL, CUL and CE Listed