Lighting Services Inc Fits Square Peg in Round Hole

LumeLEX 2045 Series

The LumeLEX 2045 LED Series is a brand new, elegant, stem mounted wallwash fixture powered by Xicato XLM Artist Technology. It is the latest addition to the LumeLEX family of Cylinders, which provide a coordinated design to maintain the symmetry of your environment.

As with all LumeLEX fixtures, the LumeLEX 2045 Series features a discreetly hidden driver making it appear no different than a traditional halogen source. Utilizing a computer designed, highly specular asymmetric reflector, the LumeLEX 2045 produces 1100 lumens of a seamless, even wash of light.

As with all of Lighting Services Inc’s fixtures, we back the LumeLEX Series with over 54 years of experience, a full 5 year warranty, and a published Reliability Data sheet. Designed for real world, long-term sustainability, the LumeLEX Series is both forward and backward compatible, with easily replaceable 50,000 hour LED modules.

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