LumeLEX Lights the Way for Christian Leduc’s Vernissage

On June 16th, 2011, Luxtec, Lighting Services Inc’s Representative, had the pleasure to present at its Montreal headquarters, Christian Leduc’s first vernissage entitled “Lost Sights”. Christian Leduc, an experienced professional in the theatrical and architectural lighting world, invited exclusive guests to discover his first passion through his digital and pop influenced art.

Luxtec called on Lighting Services Inc (LSI) to light his first audacious collection of about thirty pieces, using the LumeLEX 2024 Series LED lighting fixtures. The precision, tight color and light control of these LED fixtures lit the works beautifully, ensuring a perfect connection between art and light.

The LumeLEX 2024 differentiates itself from the pack by offering a variety of lumen packages from 600-1120, flexible beam control, and a full range of accessories for manipulating the distribution of light, much like you can do with any halogen source.

As with all of Lighting Services Inc’s fixtures, the LumeLEX 2024 is backed with over 53 years of experience, a full 5 year warranty, and a published Reliability Data sheet.