• Stuart Weitzman Window Display New York - Award Winner

Stuart Weitzman

2002 LSI / Gene Moore Award Winner - Stuart Weitzman window display in NYC.

The windows of celebrity shoe store Stuart Weitzman are a work of art - and none more so than those of the New York shop in spring 2002, which won designer Timothy Fortuna, president of Timothy Fortuna Designs, first prize in the annual LSI/Gene Moore Award. 

Fortuna’s display, "Shoes walking on Flowers", was a perfect balance of color and merchandise, using intense and dramatic lighting to highlight the merchandise and the mosaic art shoes walking and floating over giant net flowers. 

“The Award showcases the best in display window design and sets new benchmarks for the industry. Stuart Weitzman is an innovative shoe designer and I am delighted that this display has been recognized both for its lighting and for the display itself.” commented Daniel Gelman, President of Lighting Services Inc.

New York, NY
United States

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