280 Series

This small, lightweight fixture is ideal for shops, exhibits, galleries and residences that require a short or medium throw.

The 280 Series Spotlight is a compact specification grade unit specifically designed for the PAR30 Tungsten Halogen and Halogen Infra-Red medium screw-base lamps. Its lightweight and miniature size make it an ideal choice for short and medium throws in shops, exhibits, museums, galleries, and residences.A complete range of mounting devices are available in addition to the standard LSI Track fitting. Features include rugged steel self-locking full yoke, on/off switch on most mounting types, and accessory clips for the full line of LSI size A accessories including: Glass Color Filters, Spread Lens, Louver, Hoods, Barndoors, Light Blocking Screens, Coiled Cord, UV Blocking Filter and Integral Dimmer. 


Spec Sheet

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  • Designed for the Tungsten Halogen PAR30 and Halogen Infra-Red medium screw-base lamps up to 75 watts
  • Sturdy aluminum housing
  • Rugged steel self-locking yoke allows for horizontal and vertical focusing
  • On/off safety switch (on most mounting types)
  • Hinged front with relamping handle for easy lamp changing
  • External multiple accessory clips accept all size A LSI filters and accessories
  • Integral dimmer is available
  • Finishes: LSI Black, White, and Silver
  • Fixture weight: 2.0 lbs.


  • Black

  • Silver

  • White


  • Triac (Forward Phase)
  • Integral Dimming


The 280 Series is appropriate for Medium (15-30 Ft.) throws

Size and Weight

4.88" (124mm) x 6.63" (168mm)

1.69 lb  (0.77 kg)


Up to 75 Watts

Beam Spread

Beam spreads from 9° to 35°


3000 Hours


4-6 Weeks


12 Year Limited Warranty

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