LN38 Series

The clean design of the LN38 spotlight makes it an attractive addition to practically any architectural area.

The LN38 spotlight is a clean, understated fixture design that will harmoniously blend into practically all architectural areas. The user-friendly hinged front is easily opened for lamp changing, and for easily accepting any combination of the entire range of LSI size C accessories.The LN38 unit will accommodate all the energy-efficient Tungsten Halogen and Halogen Infra-Red PAR38 lamps from 60 to 250 watts in a wide variety of beam spreads. These lamps give excellent color rendition and produce a more efficient, energy-saving brighter light than standard incandescent lamps.All units are adjustable and self-locking in all horizontal and vertical planes and are available in all LSI mounting fittings. 


Spec Sheet

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  • Accommodates all Tungsten Halogen and Halogen Infra-Red PAR38 lamps up to 250 watts
  • Sturdy aluminum housing
  • Adjustable and self-locking in all horizontal and vertical planes
  • On/off safety switch (on most mounting types)
  • User friendly hinged front with relamping handle for easy lamp changing
  • Internal multiple accessory clips accept all size C LSI filters and accessories
  • Finishes: LSI Black, White, and Silver
  • Fixture weight: 1.5 lbs.


  • Black

  • Silver

  • White


  • Triac (Forward Phase)
  • Integral Dimming


The LN38 Series is appropriate for Medium (15-30 Ft.) and Long (30-60 Ft.) throws

Size and Weight

6.75" (171mm) x 8" (203mm)

1.38 lb  (0.63 kg)


Up tp 250 Watts

Beam Spread

Beam spreads from 10° to 40°


3000 Hours


4-6 Weeks


12 Year Limited Warranty

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