LumeLEX Gemini Series

The LSI Gemini Series is a suspended lighting fixture that combines the versatility of LSI Track along with the functionality of an indirect LED Uplight.

The LSI Gemini Series is a suspended lighting fixture that combines the versatility of LSI Track along with the functionality of an indirect LED lighting system utilizing Xicato XTM (19mm) modules. Can be specified in 4-foot, 8-foot or 12-foot sections with a variety of track selections.  Gemini Series can also be easily joined together to make continuous straight runs or grid configurations of efficient indirect uplight with either 1 or 2 Circuit 120/277V track below.  

The Gemini Series features a discreetly hidden integral driver which is compatible with reverse phase (ELV compatible) dimmers (dimmable to 5%). Optional addressing and control of fixture using LumenTalk™ and 0-10V systems. All LumeLEX modules are field replaceable.  Gemini Series fixtures are available in Black, White, and Silver finishes.

Click here for a conceptual assemblage of Gemini LED System. 



  • Designed for the Xicato™ XTM (19mm) LED module up to 22 Watts
  • Extremely tight color consistency (less than 2 MacAdam Ellipses)
  • System efficiency up to 90 lumens/watts
  • Backed by Xicato’s Five Year Color Consistency and Lumen Maintenance Warranty
  • Tested to LM79 and LM80 Protocols
  • 50,000 hour life to 70% lumen output, L70 at 95°F max ambient
  • Hidden integral electronic driver compatible with reverse phase (ELV compatible) dimmers down to 5%
  • Choice of lumen output (delivered lumens)
  • Choice of color temperature
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI) of either 98 (high) or 83 (standard)
  • No UV or IR emissions; no mercury or lead
  • Snap-in feature for Gemini Housing
  • Recommended installed every 2 Ft.
  • Sturdy aluminum housing
  • Finishes: LSI Black, White, and Silver
  • Fixture weight: 1 lb
  • All LumeLEX modules are field replaceable


  • Black

  • Silver

  • White


  • ELV (Reverse Phase)
  • 0-10V


Indirect Lighting


11-20 Watts


50,000 Hours


4-6 Weeks


12 Year Limited Warranty


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