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LX2060-IES-T1913-8327M2.ies Photometry 3.09 KB
LX2060-IES-T1913-8327M9.ies Photometry 3.14 KB
LX2060-IES-T1913-9827M2.ies Photometry 3.09 KB
LX2060-IES-T1913-9827M4.ies Photometry 3.11 KB
LX2060-IES-T1913-9827M8.ies Photometry 3.14 KB
LX2060-IES-T1920-8327M4.ies Photometry 3.13 KB
LX2060-IES-T1926-9827M4.ies Photometry 3.11 KB
LX2060-IES-T1933-8327M8.ies Photometry 3.15 KB
LXMAR1-IES-T1907-9830S6 Photometry 691 bytes
LXMAR1-IES-T1910-8330S6 Photometry 688 bytes
SSLGR30 CAD Symbol CAD Symbols 17.95 KB
SSLGR36 CAD Symbol CAD Symbols 17.75 KB
 TM-30-15-BPL_80CRI_2700K TM-30-15-BPL_80CRI_2700K
Photometry 552.67 KB
 TM-30-15-XTM_80CRI_2700K TM-30-15-XTM_80CRI_2700K
Photometry 576.44 KB
 TM-30-15-XTM_80CRI_4000K TM-30-15-XTM_80CRI_4000K
Photometry 558.84 KB
290 CAD Symbol CAD Symbols 337.06 KB
290 Spec Sheet 290 Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet 662.78 KB
A_Read_Me_File A_Read_Me_File
Photometry 11.7 KB
BPL CAD Symbol CAD Symbols 182.18 KB
BPL Series Spec Sheet BPL Series Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet 395.31 KB Photometry 6.53 KB
BPL-IES-C0918-9527N-00-TE120B_Tight.ies Photometry 5.99 KB
BPL-IES-C0918-9527N-00-TE120B_Wide.ies Photometry 6.06 KB
BPL-IES-C0918-9527W-00-TE120B_Tight.ies Photometry 3.77 KB
BPL-IES-C0918-9527W-00-TE120b_Wide.ies Photometry 6.15 KB
BPL-IES-C0925-8030N-00-TE120B_Tight.ies Photometry 6.01 KB
BPL-IES-C0925-8030N-00-TE120B_Wide.ies Photometry 6.07 KB
BPL-IES-C0925-8030W-00-TE120B_Tight.ies Photometry 3.79 KB
BPL-IES-C0925-8030W-00-TE120B_Wide.ies Photometry 3.99 KB
BPM CAD Symbol CAD Symbols 454.88 KB
BPM Series Spec Sheet BPM Series Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet 1.17 MB
Spec Sheet 1003.13 KB
CONTROLTrack Fixture and Fittings Matrix CONTROLTrack Fixture and Fittings Matrix
Technical Information 933.7 KB
CONTROLTrack Surface Track CAD Symbol CAD Symbols 227.2 KB
Display Lighting For Visual Merchandising Brochure Display Lighting For Visual Merchandising Brochure
Brochures 2.33 MB
FTO CAD Symbol CAD Symbols 332.57 KB
FTO Spec Sheet FTO Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet 1.09 MB
Gemini Installation Instructions Gemini Installation Instructions
Installation Instructions 910 KB
Gemini System LED Module Spec Sheet Gemini System LED Module Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet 1.16 MB
Houses of Worship Lighting Brochure Houses of Worship Lighting Brochure
Brochures 6.97 MB
IES 100PAR38_995 Photometry 513 bytes
IES 100PAR38_HIR_FL25 Photometry 504 bytes
IES 100PAR38_HIR_FL40 Photometry 504 bytes
IES 100PAR38_HIR_SP10 Photometry 7.39 KB
IES 150PAR38_990 Photometry 854 bytes
IES 150PAR38_995 Photometry 1019 bytes
IES 150PAR38_FL Photometry 1004 bytes
IES 60PAR38_995 Photometry 498 bytes
IES 60PAR_HIR_FL30 Photometry 559 bytes
IES 60PAR_HIR_SP10 Photometry 572 bytes