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LXMAR1-IES-T1910-9830S6 Photometry 682 bytes
LXMAR1-IES-T1910-9830S4 Photometry 681 bytes
LXMAR1-IES-T1910-8330S4 Photometry 692 bytes
LXMAR1-IES-T1907-9830S4 Photometry 695 bytes
LXMAR1-IES-All_Files Photometry 4.39 KB
LX2087-IES-T1930-9830 Photometry 7.76 KB
LX2087-IES-T1920-9830 Photometry 7.76 KB
LX2087-IES-T1913-9830 Photometry 7.76 KB
LX2087 XTM 19mm Spec Sheet LX2087 XTM 19mm Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet 1.2 MB
LX2087 Installation Instructions LX2087 Installation Instructions
Installation Instructions 321.66 KB
LX2087 CAD Symbol BIM/CAD 20.74 KB
LX2084-iES-T1950-8330W2.ies Photometry 4.46 KB
LX2084-IES-T1950-8330K1.ies Photometry 4.49 KB
LX2084 XTM 9mm Spec Sheet LX2084 XTM 9mm Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet 1.62 MB
LX2084 XTM 19mm Spec Sheet LX2084 XTM 19mm Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet 1.42 MB
LX2084 Installation Instructions LX2084 Installation Instructions
Installation Instructions 258.63 KB
LX2084 Dim to Warm Spec Sheet LX2084 Dim to Warm Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet 1.51 MB
LX2084 CAD Symbol BIM/CAD 14.68 KB
LX2060-IES-T1933-8327M9.ies Photometry 3.14 KB
LX2060-IES-T1933-8327M6.ies Photometry 3.17 KB
LX2060-ies-T1933-8327M4.ies Photometry 3.11 KB
LX2060-IES-T1933-8327M2.ies Photometry 3.09 KB
LX2060-IES-T1930-8327M9.ies Photometry 3.14 KB
LX2060-IES-T1930-8327M8.ies Photometry 3.15 KB
LX2060-IES-T1930-8327M6.ies Photometry 3.17 KB
LX2060-IES-T1930-8327M4.ies Photometry 3.11 KB
LX2060-IES-T1930-8327M2.ies Photometry 3.09 KB
LX2060-IES-T1926-9827M9.ies Photometry 3.14 KB
LX2060-IES-T1926-9827M8.ies Photometry 3.14 KB
LX2060-IES-T1926-9827M6.ies Photometry 3.17 KB
LX2060-IES-T1926-9827M2.ies Photometry 3.09 KB
LX2060-IES-T1920-9827M9.ies Photometry 3.16 KB
LX2060-IES-T1920-9827M8.ies Photometry 3.16 KB
LX2060-IES-T1920-9827M6.ies Photometry 3.19 KB
LX2060-IES-T1920-9827M4.ies Photometry 3.13 KB
LX2060-IES-T1920-9827M2.ies Photometry 3.14 KB
LX2060-IES-T1920-8327M9.ies Photometry 3.16 KB
LX2060-IES-T1920-8327M8.ies Photometry 3.17 KB
LX2060-IES-T1920-8327M6.ies Photometry 3.19 KB
LX2060-IES-T1920-8327M2.ies Photometry 3.14 KB
LX2060-IES-T1913-9827M9.ies Photometry 3.14 KB
LX2060-IES-T1913-9827M6.ies Photometry 3.17 KB
LX2060-IES-T1913-8327M8.ies Photometry 3.14 KB
LX2060-IES-T1913-8327M6.ies Photometry 3.17 KB
LX2060-IES-T1913-8327M4.ies Photometry 3.11 KB
LX2060-IES-T1910-9827M9.ies Photometry 3.14 KB
LX2060-IES-T1910-9827M8.ies Photometry 3.14 KB
LX2060-IES-T1910-9827M6.ies Photometry 3.17 KB
LX2060-IES-T1910-9827M4.ies Photometry 3.11 KB
LX2060-IES-T1910-9827M2.ies Photometry 3.09 KB