Core Values

At Lighting Services Inc, we are driven by our Core Values. They define the character of our Company and how we relate to our customers and each other. — Daniel Gelman, President & CEO


We are dedicated to our customers.  We are committed to going a step beyond what is expected to manufacture and deliver the highest quality product.  Dedication is the engine of our business.



We are quick to respond to the ever-changing dynamics of the lighting industry.  We harness, or synthesize those changes into tangible, relevant solutions. Innovation is crucial to our growth, efficiency, competitive position, and success. Innovation gives our company 'life" and builds a successful and ever-growing team.



As a family owned business, we treat our coworkers and customers like family. We consider their unique personal contributions as well as their individual needs. We share a main goal, which is to design, engineer and manufacture lighting fixtures of the highest quality.



Caring is the core of our foundation. “We care” for our customers and their satisfaction. “Care” pushes us to always strive for positive results and solutions.


Can Do

We at Lighting Services Inc approach every situation with a positive attitude and intent to succeed. Our employees have a willingness to tackle a job and get it done. We value individuals who embody this way of thinking.



As individuals, we all have certain passion and goals. Passion is what gives us the drive to achieve our goals. We love what we do. Passion is evident in every action we take.  As we grow together, so will we succeed together.



We compete in a high-tech market with products that must meet high operating and aesthetic standards.  Our brand demands that we never compromise. It is imperative that we both define and meet expectations of both ourselves and our customers.  Our standards become both judge and jury when faced with difficult choices.



Leadership is instilled throughout the organization to inspire everyone to do their best. As the industry leader, what we do is influential. Leadership requires us to continually look at the past, present and future to understand our customer's needs.