LumeLEX 2000 Series Reliability Datasheet

Lighting Services Inc has created a Reliability Datasheet document for the entire LumeLEX 2000 Series. The data sheet explains definitions of LED terminology, construction of the fixtures, drive current, case temperatures, reliability testing (IESNA LM-80-08), product lifetime, production testing, conclusion and fixture warranty.

This datasheet summarizes the reliability performance of the specification grade LumeLEX™ 2000 series fixtures.

As with all Solid-State Lighting Fixtures, the overall product reliability is determined by the integration of packaging and assembly of LED components into a final product, ensuring that each of the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) guidelines on drive conditions and assembly practices are adhered to.  The LumeLEX™ 2000 series of products use a Xicato Spot Module (XSM) that can typically contain Philips Lumileds LUXEON Royal-Blue Rebel LEDs.

Therefore, to fully demonstrate the reliability of the fixture, the reliability of the LED and of the XSM Module must be detailed and tested within context to each other and to the fixture.

Most LEDs experience a gradual reduction in light output during operation, known as Lumen Depreciation. The reliability of the LED to maintain its light output during operation is known as Lumen Maintenance. As such, any degradation can be either from a reduction in the light-emitting efficiency of the LED chip or a reduction in the light transmission of the optical path within the LED package, module or fixture.

 The Xicato XSM product uses remote-phosphor technology to keep the phosphor layer cold during operation, therefore retaining its light transmission and color properties throughout the life of the product. All LumeLEX™ 2000 fixtures use reflectors with a high quality Aluminum Coating that does not degrade over time, (as the heat of the fixture and the wavelength of light do not impact the Aluminum coating).

The most important drive conditions of the fixture are current applied and operating temperature, as these are the key factors on establishing performance and reliability. Therefore, Lumen Maintenance will be provided at specific current and temperature points for the LED, the Module and the Fixture. These three composite data points provide objective evidence to establish compliance with LM-80-08.

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