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Lighting Control System Integrators

The LSI CONTROLTrack system expands your track lighting control options to include DMX, Lutron EcoSystem, and 0-10V control protocols. With these options comes increased complexity in the design, installation, and programming phases of your project.   

LSI recommends a Lighting Control Systems Integrator (LCSI) be engaged when one of these control options is specified, or when multiple lighting protocols are to be used together on the same project.

Candela Controls 
Bill Ellis
+1 407-654-2420

EOS Lightmedia 
Bobby Baines
+1 604-639-5488

Luna Lux LLC
Colin Postley
+1 949-228-9313

PG Elite Lighting Service 
Christopher O’Shea
Manager of Sales & Marketing
+1 484-707-8410


Pixelumen Lab 
+1 571-800 6519


Vincent Lighting 
Adam Hayward
Director of Sales and Professional Services
+1 859-488-4913

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