“The Largest Institution in the United States devoted to the Arts, Sciences, and Artists of moviemaking.”

Exhibit Design: WHY Architecture
Architect: Renzo Piano Building Workshop

“The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures takes 63,000 sq ft of an upcycled streamline moderne-style department store and uses it to not only tell the story of cinema, but to provide museum-goers with exhibitions they can both observe and become immersed in. Lighting in the galleries, just as lighting in the movies, makes this unique experience possible. Most of the over 2,500 lighting fixtures either contribute to the many layers of light guiding visitors on their journey or provide white light to show case artifacts. Controls are key to the success and emotional impact of the continually evolving exhibits, especially regarding displays that contain light-sensitive artifacts. A new track-lighting system in which each fixture implements on-board dimming allows for flexibility, detailed illumination, balanced composition, and precise light-level setting.”
Exhibit Lighting Design: Available Light
Exhibit Track and Lighting Fixtures: Lighting Services Inc 

Notable Installations

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Washington, DC

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Playa Vista, CA

Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

Los Angels, CA