2022 Muse Creative Award – Platinum Award: Presented to Thinc Design

"Working with its partners, Thinc transformed the least popular part of a visit—the queue—into an immersive museum experience with cinematic-quality films, 360º digital environments, interactive screens, models, photographs, and artifacts depicting the building’s history and mystique. Dwell times in each gallery would deliver a measured rate of arrivals at the elevators, reducing and often eliminating a perceptible wait. The 80th floor has been transformed from queuing to an additional observation floor in its own right, delivering spectacular views before arriving at the 86th and 102nd floor observatories, further relaxing the pace of the visit. With new, floor-to-ceiling windows and the removal of every possible obstruction, this renewed crown jewel offers unequalled 360-degree views of New York City. In 2022, the Empire State Observatory Experience was named TripAdvisor’s #1 national and #3 Worldwide attraction."

Experience Design: Thinc Design

Lighting Design: The Lighting Practice

Notable Installations

Museum of the Bible

Washington, DC

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Playa Vista, CA

Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

Los Angels, CA