The Grammy Museum in Cleveland, Mississippi opened March 2016.  Boasting 28,000 square feet on the Delta State University campus, the Grammy Museum employs high-definition touchscreens and interactive technology to chronicle American music history from before the first Grammy Awards in 1959 to the present.  The building, designed by Dale Partners Architects, is a modern glass & steel structure starkly juxtaposed against a pastoral farmland backdrop.

Available Light, led by Derek Barnwell on the architectural side and Ted Mather on the exhibit experience completed both the Architectural and Exhibition lighting design for the new museum.  The Available Light team specified Track and LED fixtures from Lighting Services Inc including: LumeLEX 2044 Series, SSL238 Series and BPL Image Projector Series.  The wide-ranging color pallet and richly patterned light of an all LED lighting system evokes the theatrical feeling of musical performances.  A careful balancing act between lighting and media presentation ensures the technology is enjoyed in a space free from glare. Artifacts are woven into the presentation throughout, requiring strict lighting conservation solutions including the elimination of all UV and IR radiation. Despite a modest budget, the lighting system was designed to be both simple to install and require minimal maintenance. Also crucial was providing flexibility to accommodate rotating exhibits.

Architect: Dale Partners Architects

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