King Tut Traveling Exh. Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs

Traveling Exhibit:
Chicago (Field Museum): 5/06 - 1/07
Philadelphia (Franklin Institute): 2/07 - 9/07
London (O2): 11/07

Quote from Charlie McMillan, McMillan Group
[extracted from Lighting Dimensions magazine article...]

Glass fiber optics supplied by Lighting Services Inc provided extra punch in a gallery devoted to Tut´s legacy. ``We wanted to get as much light as we could on the objects while also keeping the color balance,´´ McMillan says. ``Ken Kane [LSI´s vice president of product and market development] stopped by the studio often and the package they gave us was simply flawless. We got exactly what we needed from those glass fiber optics.´´ LSI supplied the FOMH-150C Illuminator, Custom Glass Fiber Optic Harnesses, and FOLE adjustable spotlights.

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Chicago, IL
United States