"The Witte Museum’s South Texas Heritage Center celebrates the region and its people.  Design goals included the preservation and renovation of the historic Trail Driver’s Hall with the addition of a new dramatic contemporary wing.  Exacting sustainability goals were met without any reduction in the quality of the experience for the visitor.  The unifying mural in the Trail Driver’s gallery is lit to suggest passing time, with dawn on one end transitioning to the bright starlight expanse of an endless Texas sky.  The workhorse trackhead in use is the LSI SPT4-20 Series, driven by a highly efficient and long life ceramic metal halide light source.  In the Main Plaza, ample daylight provides most of the daytime illumination, while a limited number of light fixtures are used to balance illumination levels ensuring exceptional objects are accented.  As dusk falls, the plaza transitions into a captivating nighttime environment. For art galleries, high quality LSI LumeLEX LED track heads provide outstanding color rendering for extremely low wattage and heat output."

- Steven Rosen, Available Light


Dinosaur Photo by Carl Rhodes, Gallagher & Associates 

Notable Installations

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Washington, DC

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