290 Series

Lightweight and small-sized, this spotlight will fit comfortably in any interior space where high-intensity light is needed.

The 290 Series Spotlight is a specification grade medium- and long-throw unit specifically designed for all the PAR38 Energy conserving type medium screw-base lamps. It's lightweight and small size also make it the perfect unit in interior spaces such as museums and galleries, exhibits, boutiques, residences and similar areas where high-intensity light is needed. The unit accepts a wide range of Standard Halogen, Halogen Infra-Red, and Cool Beam type lamp wattages in all popular beam patterns and is obtainable with a complete range of mounting devices in addition to the LSI Track Fitting. Features include rugged steel self-locking full yoke, on/off switch on most mounting types and accessory clips for the full line of LSI size C accessories, including: Glass Color Filters, Spread Lens, Louver, Hood, Barndoors, Light Blocking Filter, Coiled Cord and Integral Dimmer. 



  • Designed for all PAR38 medium screw base lamps up to 250 watts
  • Sturdy aluminum housing
  • Rugged steel and self-locking yoke for horizontal and vertical focusing
  • On/off safety switch (on most mounting types)
  • Relamping handle for easy lamp changing
  • External multiple accessory clips accept all size C LSI filters and accessories
  • Integral dimmer is available
  • Finishes: LSI Black, White, and Silver
  • Fixture weight: 1.5 lbs.


  • Black

  • Silver

  • White


  • Triac (Forward Phase)
  • Integral Dimmer


The 290 Series is appropriate for Medium (15-30 Ft.) and Long (30-60 Ft.) throws

Size and Weight

6.13" (156mm) x 7.63" (193mm)

1.5 lb  (0.68 kg)


Up to 250 Watts

Beam Spread

Beam spreads from 10° to 40°


3000 Hours


4-6 Weeks


12 Year Limited Warranty

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