Recessed Track

Flangeless and Flanged

120V Recessed Track Sections (Flangeless and Flanged) are open ended extrusions used to form track runs or configurations to be used in conjunction with an End Feed, End Cap, Straight Joiner/Feeder, Straight Mini Joiner, L Joiner/Feeder, T Joiner/Feeder, and X Joiner/Feeder.Track Section lengths are nominal 4 foot (1.2m), 8 foot (2.4m) and 12 foot (3.7m) and are supplied complete with galvanized perforated straps for mounting. Track is field cuttable.



  • White

Size and Weight

Nominal: 4 foot (1.2m), 8 foot (2.4m), 12 foot (3.7m) field cuttable lengths

Weight: 4 foot (3 lbs), 8 foot (6 lbs), 12 foot (9 lbs) 


4-6 Weeks


12 Year Limited Warranty

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