The UV1560 is a portable LED blacklight that has a movable Fresnel lens to produce a 15° spot up to a 60° wide flood of ultraviolet light in 15° increments using less wattage than conventional blacklights.  The luminaire uses high efficiency UV LEDs to produce a 15600mW output of ultraviolet energy tuned to narrow 365nm peak wavelength at only 50 watts. There is no visible light outside of the beam. This is achieved using a combination of the Fresnel lens and a UV lens. The LEDs have a lifetime of 30,000 hours at L70 (70% of initial output).

Double gate accessory holder is standard and includes a UV Lens which eliminates all visible light. Optional Accessories are Barndoor or Hood.

COB LED panel and driver are replaceable.

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Product Specifications

  • High power, 365nm UV A LED array, 15600mW
  • Controls/ Dimming options: ELV and DMX available
  • 30,000 hour life to 70% of initial intensity, L70
  • COB panel and driver is replaceable with LSI SUP Kit
  • 15°- 60° Zoom Optic (in 15° increments) Beam Spread
  • Integrated double gate accessory holder capable of holding either a barndoor or hood and a glass accessory lens
  • UV Lens blocks all visible light while allowing UV transmission (included)
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ELV (Reverse Phase)


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