AIA Continuing Credits

Lighting Services Inc is proud to offer “Accent and Display Lighting Techniques- Best Practices” as an AIA-Certified CES course. The course is conducted as a “Lunch and Learn” at your office by our expert staff. Lunch is provided by Lighting Services Inc.

  • Program Title: Accent & Display Lighting Techniques – Best Practices
  • Program Number: LSI001A
  • Length: 1 Hour
  • Credits: 1 LU Hour
  • HSW: No

Program Overview

Understanding, managing, and balancing energy codes and usage with visual requirements, when using accent and display lighting techniques.

Learning Objectives

The first objective is to understand the basic quantitative measurement of light, so that future comparisons and reference to photometry can be understood. The second objective is to review current lamp technology, and inform the audience on the relative energy efficiency of each lamp type. The third objective is to understand how different energy codes around the country affect potential decisions on the appropriate types and application of lighting.

Audio / Visual Required

Electrical Power and a screen for the presentation, along with electrical power for the demonstration of lighting sources and techniques.

Method of Delivery

The CES facilitator uses a combination of PowerPoint Slideshow, as well as hands on demonstrations of the lighting techniques and sources presented to convey the information about the relative effectiveness of various sources when applying lighting to specific applications.

Cost to Participate

There is no cost for this presentation.

To request an AIA CES course presentation, please email:

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