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LX2048-IES-T1918-9830WR Photometry 7.23 KB
LX2048-IES-T1920-8327M2 Photometry 3.02 KB
LX2048-IES-T1920-8327M4 Photometry 3.01 KB
LX2048-IES-T1920-8327M6 Photometry 3.07 KB
LX2048-IES-T1920-8327M8 Photometry 3.04 KB
LX2048-IES-T1920-8327M9 Photometry 3.04 KB
LX2048-IES-T1920-9827M4 Photometry 5.02 KB
LX2048-IES-T1920-9827M6 Photometry 5.02 KB
LX2048-IES-T1920-9827M8 Photometry 5.02 KB
LX2048-IES-T1920-9827M9 Photometry 5.02 KB
LX2048-IES-T1920-9830WR Photometry 7.31 KB
LX2048-IES-T1923-8327M2 Photometry 3.08 KB
LX2048-IES-T1923-8327M6 Photometry 3.13 KB
LX2048-IES-T1923-8327M8 Photometry 3.1 KB
LX2048-IES-T1923-8327M9 Photometry 3.09 KB
LX2048-IES-T1923-8330WR Photometry 7.31 KB
LX2048-IES-T1927-8327M2 Photometry 3.02 KB
LX2048-IES-T1927-8327M4 Photometry 3 KB
LX2048-IES-T1927-8327M6 Photometry 3.07 KB
LX2048-IES-T1927-8327M8 Photometry 3.04 KB
LX2048-IES-T1927-8327M9 Photometry 3.08 KB
LX2048-IES-TS907-9830N1 Photometry 7.52 KB
LX2048-IES-TS907-9830N2 Photometry 7.52 KB
LX2048-IES-TS907-9830N4 Photometry 7.55 KB
LX2048-IES-TS907-9830N6 Photometry 7.58 KB
LX2048-IES-TS907-9830NR Photometry 7.22 KB
LX2048-IES-TS909-8330N1 Photometry 7.52 KB
LX2048-IES-TS909-8330N2 Photometry 7.52 KB
LX2048-IES-TS909-8330N4 Photometry 7.55 KB
LX2048-IES-TS909-8330NR Photometry 7.23 KB
LX2048-IES-TS909-9830N1 Photometry 7.52 KB
LX2048-IES-TS909-9830N2 Photometry 7.52 KB
LX2048-IES-TS909-9830N4 Photometry 7.55 KB
LX2048-IES-TS909-9830N6 Photometry 7.59 KB
LX2048-IES-TS909-9830NR Photometry 7.23 KB
LX2048-IES-TS913-8330N1 Photometry 7.44 KB
LX2048-IES-TS913-8330N2 Photometry 7.44 KB
LX2048-IES-TS913-8330N4 Photometry 7.47 KB
LX2048-IES-TS913-8330N6 Photometry 7.5 KB
LX2048-IES-TS913-8330NR Photometry 7.14 KB
LX2048_CAD_Symbol BIM/CAD 64.4 KB
LX2060 CAD Symbol BIM/CAD 330.06 KB
LX2060 CONTROLTrack Dim To Warm Spec Sheet LX2060 CONTROLTrack Dim To Warm Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet 781.74 KB
LX2060 CONTROLTrack Xicato 19mm Spec Sheet LX2060 CONTROLTrack Xicato 19mm Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet 770.92 KB
LX2060 CONTROLTrack Xicato 9mm Spec Sheet LX2060 CONTROLTrack Xicato 9mm Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet 739.36 KB
LX2060 Dim to Warm Spec Sheet LX2060 Dim to Warm Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet 891.13 KB
LX2060 Installation Instructions LX2060 Installation Instructions
Installation Instructions 297.61 KB
LX2060 Lumenetix-araya Spec Sheet LX2060 Lumenetix-araya Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet 1013.28 KB
LX2060 Revit File Track Mount.rfa BIM/CAD 328 KB
LX2060 Revit Spec Text File BIM/CAD 3.76 KB