Document Category File Size Mime Type
LP4-IES-C1975-803010 Photometry 4794 application/octet-stream
LP4-IES-C1975-803025 Photometry 6846 application/octet-stream
LP4-IES-C1975-803040 Photometry 6879 application/octet-stream
LP4-IES-C1975-803060 Photometry 6782 application/octet-stream
LPW8 CONTROLTrack Spec Sheet Spec Sheet 680908 application/pdf
LPW8 Installation Instructions Installation Instructions 418651 application/pdf
LPW8 Spec Sheet Spec Sheet 862759 application/pdf
LPW8_CAD_Symbol CAD 27003 application/octet-stream
LSI Dimming Application Sheet Technical Info 279175 application/pdf
LSI_TM-30-15_Comparison_Tool Photometry 2305687 application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet
LumeLEX Ambient Conditions Technical Info 76942 application/pdf
LumeLEX Pendant Downlight Brochure Brochures 388240 application/pdf
LumeLEX Product Consistency Datasheet Technical Info 1982740 application/pdf
Lumileds Z ES® LED Series Reliability Datasheet Technical Info 470145 application/pdf
LX2020 CONTROLTrack Spec Sheet Spec Sheet 573899 application/pdf
LX2020 Spec Sheet Spec Sheet 507145 application/pdf
LX2020-IES-ZE103-903004.ies Photometry 6068 application/octet-stream
LX2020-IES-ZE103-903012.ies Photometry 183799 application/octet-stream
LX2020-IES-ZE103-903025.ies Photometry 191386 application/octet-stream
LX2020_CAD_Symbol CAD 11340 application/octet-stream
LX2020_Installation Instructions Installation Instructions 258808 application/pdf
LX2030 CAD Symbol CAD 340325 application/octet-stream
LX2030 COB Spec Sheet Spec Sheet 784003 application/pdf
LX2030 CONTROLTrack COB Spec Sheet Spec Sheet 594367 application/pdf
LX2030 CONTROLTrack Dim To Warm Spec Sheet 06-21 Spec Sheet 904443 application/pdf
LX2030 CONTROLTrack Xicato 19mm Spec Sheet 06-21 Spec Sheet 966948 application/pdf
LX2030 CONTROLTrack Xicato 9mm Spec Sheet 06-21 Spec Sheet 1038460 application/pdf
LX2030 Dim to Warm Spec Sheet 06-21 Spec Sheet 653973 application/pdf
LX2030 Revit File Track Mount CAD 278528 application/octet-stream
LX2030 Xicato 19mm Spec Sheet 06-21 Spec Sheet 868635 application/pdf