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LX2038 Xicato 19mm Spec Sheet 10-22 Spec Sheet 545322 application/pdf
LX2038 Xicato 9mm Spec Sheet 10-22 Spec Sheet 950139 application/pdf
LX2038-IES-All_Files Photometry 98129 application/zip
LX2038-IES-T1910-9830S1 Photometry 3045 application/octet-stream
LX2038-IES-T1910-9830S4 Photometry 3050 application/octet-stream
LX2038-IES-T1915-8330S1 Photometry 2969 application/octet-stream
LX2038-IES-T1915-8330S4 Photometry 2976 application/octet-stream
LX2038-IES-TS07-9830P4 Photometry 7597 application/octet-stream
LX2038-IES-TS907-9830P1 Photometry 7511 application/octet-stream
LX2038-IES-TS907-9830P2 Photometry 7553 application/octet-stream
LX2038-IES-TS909-8330P1 Photometry 7429 application/octet-stream
LX2038-IES-TS909-8330P2 Photometry 7468 application/octet-stream
LX2038-IES-TS909-8330P4 Photometry 7512 application/octet-stream
LX2038-IES-ZE103-903004 Photometry 6068 application/octet-stream
LX2038-IES-ZE103-903012 Photometry 183799 application/octet-stream
LX2038-IES-ZE103-903025 Photometry 191386 application/octet-stream
LX2038_CAD_Symbol CAD 13181 application/octet-stream
LX2044 Accessories 06-23 Spec Sheet 254744 application/pdf
LX2044 Bridgelux 18mm Spec Sheet 07-23 Spec Sheet 1247264 application/pdf
LX2044 CAD Symbol.dxf CAD 349175 application/octet-stream
LX2044 COB Spec Sheet 11-22 Spec Sheet 1130454 application/pdf
LX2044 CONTROLTrack Bridgelux 18mm Spec Sheet 07-23 Spec Sheet 1269919 application/pdf
LX2044 CONTROLTrack COB Spec Sheet 11-22 Spec Sheet 722375 application/pdf
LX2044 CONTROLTrack Dim To Warm Spec Sheet 11-22 Spec Sheet 1000142 application/pdf
LX2044 CONTROLTrack Tunable White 18mm Spec Sheet 07-23 Spec Sheet 806295 application/pdf
LX2044 CONTROLTrack Xicato 19mm Spec Sheet 06-23 Spec Sheet 1288093 application/pdf
LX2044 CONTROLTrack Xicato 9mm Spec Sheet Spec Sheet 1275256 application/pdf
LX2044 Dim To Warm Spec Sheet 11-22 Spec Sheet 985699 application/pdf
LX2044 Installation Instructions Installation Instructions 477980 application/pdf
LX2044 Revit File Canopy Mount CAD 368640 application/octet-stream