File Category Size
LX2026-IES-T1938-8327M9 Photometry 3.14 KB
LX2026-IES-T1938-8330L2 Photometry 7.79 KB
LX2026-IES-T1938-8330WR Photometry 7.31 KB
LX2026-IES-T19_IES_Files Photometry 112.72 KB
LX2026-IES-TS907-9830K1 Photometry 7.56 KB
LX2026-IES-TS907-9830K2 Photometry 7.52 KB
LX2026-IES-TS907-9830K3 Photometry 7.57 KB
LX2026-IES-TS907-9830K6 Photometry 7.62 KB
LX2026-IES-TS907-9830N1 Photometry 7.51 KB
LX2026-IES-TS907-9830N2 Photometry 7.45 KB
LX2026-IES-TS907-9830N4 Photometry 7.54 KB
LX2026-IES-TS907-9830N6 Photometry 7.57 KB
LX2026-IES-TS907-9830NR Photometry 7.21 KB
LX2026-IES-TS909-8330K1 Photometry 7.56 KB
LX2026-IES-TS909-8330K2 Photometry 7.52 KB
LX2026-IES-TS909-8330K3 Photometry 7.57 KB
LX2026-IES-TS909-8330K6 Photometry 7.62 KB
LX2026-IES-TS909-8330N1 Photometry 7.51 KB
LX2026-IES-TS909-8330N2 Photometry 7.51 KB
LX2026-IES-TS909-8330N4 Photometry 7.54 KB
LX2026-IES-TS909-8330N6 Photometry 7.57 KB
LX2026-IES-TS909-8330NR Photometry 7.21 KB
LX2026-IES-TS909-9830K1 Photometry 7.56 KB
LX2026-IES-TS913-9830K1 Photometry 7.56 KB
LX2026-IES-TS920-8330NR Photometry 7.21 KB
LX2030 CAD Symbol BIM/CAD 332.35 KB
LX2030 COB Spec Sheet LX2030 COB Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet 716.29 KB
LX2030 Dim to Warm Spec Sheet LX2030 Dim to Warm Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet 737.05 KB
LX2030 Lumenetix Spec Sheet LX2030 Lumenetix Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet 810.05 KB
LX2030 Revit File Track Mount BIM/CAD 272 KB
LX2030 Xicato 19mm Spec Sheet LX2030 Xicato 19mm Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet 788.69 KB
LX2030 Xicato 9mm Spec Sheet LX2030 Xicato 9mm Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet 861.77 KB
LX2030-IES-All_Files Photometry 95.82 KB
LX2030-IES-T1908-9830S4.ies Photometry 2.98 KB
LX2030-IES-TS907-9830P2 Photometry 7.38 KB
LX2030-IES-TS907-9830P4 Photometry 7.42 KB
LX2030-IES-TS909-8330P2 Photometry 7.29 KB
LX2030-IES-TS909-8330P4 Photometry 7.34 KB
LX2030-IES-ZE103-903004 Photometry 5.93 KB
LX2030-IES-ZE103-903025-Prelim Photometry 186.9 KB
LX2030/LX2031 Installation Instructions LX2030/LX2031 Installation Instructions
Installation Instructions 306.56 KB
LX2030_CONTROLTrack_Dim_To_Warm_Spec_Sheet LX2030_CONTROLTrack_Dim_To_Warm_Spec_Sheet
Spec Sheet 640.95 KB
LX2030_CONTROLTrack_Xicato_19mm_Spec_Sheet LX2030_CONTROLTrack_Xicato_19mm_Spec_Sheet
Spec Sheet 623.15 KB
LX2030_CONTROLTrack_Xicato_9mm_Spec_Sheet LX2030_CONTROLTrack_Xicato_9mm_Spec_Sheet
Spec Sheet 695.47 KB
LX2031 CAD Symbol BIM/CAD 332.35 KB
LX2031 XTM 19mm Spec Sheet LX2031 XTM 19mm Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet 540.27 KB
LX2031-IES-T1915-8327 Photometry 7.84 KB
LX2031-LM79-A3_-_220LM_96CRI_40DEG LX2031-LM79-A3_-_220LM_96CRI_40DEG
Photometry 158.15 KB
LX2038 19mm Spec Sheet LX2038 19mm Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet 422.57 KB
LX2038 COB Spec Sheet LX2038 COB Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet 320.52 KB