12 Year Warranty


Since 1958, Lighting Services Inc has been producing the highest quality Track, Accent and Display Lighting Systems.  We are mindful of our impact on the environment by incorporating sustainable practices into our product design, manufacturing and distribution life cycle.

Product Design

LumeLEX Fixture

LSI products are designed to maximize lifetime without sacrificing sustainability.

  • 12 Year Warranty 

  • LSI track infrastructure has been maintained for over four decades allowing the latest technologies to be used in existing LSI track systems

  • High quality materials and technology with long-lasting durability

  • Fixtures designed for optimal thermal performance to extend life span and reduce waste

  • LSI fixture designs include cradle to cradle considerations to have ease of upgrade at the end of the life for the replacement portions of the fixtures such as the LED source and drivers* 


Sustainable Upgrade Program (SUP Kit) 

LSI offers kits and services to retrofit existing fixtures. 

Note: Consult factory for SUP Kit availability


Manufacturing & Operations

Lean Manufacturing:

  • Sourcing materials locally when feasible

  • Energy efficient machinery to reduce power consumption

    Lean Manufacturing
  • Pre-Paint Process: LSI uses a two-stage pre-paint process for all our metal parts. The first stage is a water wash system that uses non-hazardous detergent.  The second stage uses a mechanical etching process which has no waste materials associated with it

  • Paint Process: The vast majority of LSI products are finished using an electrostatic dry powder coat paint process.  This process meets all EPA requirements, has zero emission points, and has the added benefit of allowing us to reclaim powder, thus reducing waste

  • Machining Process: Vegetable based, non-toxic oils used in all of our machines

  • Single direction material flow for movement throughout the facility to reduce the amount of energy required to produce finished product


Facility Design:

  • Use of natural lighting in our Administrative and Manufacturing facilities 

  • Use of energy efficient LED fixtures and sensors in office spaces for task lighting purposes

  • Use of energy efficient air circulation systems for facility cooling 

  • Restrooms with energy efficient lighting, low-flow bathroom fixtures and reduced paper waste 


Distribution Life Cycle


Zero Waste

A system-wide approach that seeks to maximize recycling, minimize waste, reduce consumption, and ensure that products are designed to be reused, repaired, or recycled back into the environment or marketplace.



Lighting Services Inc has a packaging program to reduce overall waste.  All LSI boxes are constructed of 37% post-consumer content.  With our bulk packaging system, there was a reduction of 80% material on fixture packaging and reduction of 50% material on track packaging as well as the reduction of non-degradable materials.  In addition, there is an estimated 20% or more of fuel savings from shipping consolidation.  All LSI packaging is 100% curbside recyclable.


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