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WarnerMedia - Hudson Yards
New York, NY
Specifier: Bliss-Fasman, Inc
LSI Products: LumeLEX 2030 Series, SSL238 Series, LumeLEX Gemini Series


Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History - Deep Time - Hall of Fossils
Washington, D.C.
Specifier: Available Light - MA
LSI Products: Surface Track, SSL230 Series, SSL238 Series


Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum
Dallas, TX
Specifier: Candela - WA , Schuler-Shook - TX
LSI Products: Surface Track, LumeLEX 2060 Series, LumeLEX 2026 Series


Serta Simmons Bedding HQ
Doraville, GA
Specifier: Gabler-Youngston Architectural Lighting Design
LSI Products: CONTROLTrack, LumeLEX Gemini Series, LX2044 Series


Walt Disney World - The NBA Experience at Disney Springs
Lake Buena Vista, FL
LSI Products: POWERTrack, SSL230 Series, SSLGR16 Series


Louis M. Martini Winery
St. Helena, CA
Specifier: Eric Johnson and Associates
LSI Products: Surface Track, UniTrack Housing, LumeLEX 2030 Series


Saint Monica Catholic Church
Santa Monica, CA
Specifier: Bridget Williams Lighting Design
LSI Products: LP1 SuperSPOT Series, LP2 SuperSPOT Series, LumeLEX 2020 Series


Sotheby's NYC Headquarters
New York, NY
Specifier: Tillotson Design
LSI Products: Recessed Track, Surface Track, LumeLEX 2044 Series, BPL Series


Asian Art Museum
San Francisco, CA
Specifier: FLUX Studio - MD
LSI Products: LumeLEX 2044 Series, Surface Track, UniTrack Housing


Louisiana Children's Museum in City Park
New Orleans, LA
Specifier: ARUP - San Francisco
LSI Products: Surface Track, LumeLEX Gemini Series, LumeLEX 2044 Series, SSLGR16 Series, BPL Series