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Facebook Headquarters
Menlo Park, CA
Specifier: Lightswitch San Francisco
LSI Products: LumeLEX 2044 Series, LumeLEX 2084 Series, LP2 SuperSPOT Series


Pacific Gas and Electric Headquarters
Novato, CA
LSI Products: LumeLEX 2044 Series, LumeLEX 2020 Series


Hood Museum of Art
Hanover, NH
Specifier: Fisher Marantz Stone
LSI Products: Surface Track, LumeLEX 2044 Series


Royal Alberta Museum
Edmonton, AB
Specifier: Dialog Architecture and Interior Design
LSI Products: Surface Track, Recessed Track, Integrid, LumeLEX 2044 Series, LumeLEX 2084 Series, LumeLEX 2087 Series, SSL230 Series 


Gaylord Rockies Hotel and Resort
Denver, CO
Specifier: Henderson Engineers
LSI Products: Surface Track, LP3 SuperSPOT Series


National Portrait Gallery
Washington, DC
LSI Products: Surface Track, LumeLEX 2044 Series, LumeLEX 2060 Series, LumeLEX 2030 Series, LumeLEX 2031 Series, BPL Image Projector Series


Kirkland Museum
Denver, CO
Specifier: Hefferan Partnership, Inc.
LSI Products: Surface Track, MAR 4 Series


NFL Experience - Times Square
New York, NY
Specifier: Buro Happold Consulting Engineers P.C.
LSI Products: Surface Track, LumeLEX 2044 Series


Pink Palace Museum - The Mansion
Memphis, TN
Specifier: Hefferan Partnership, Inc.
LSI Products: Recessed Track, LumeLEX 2044 Series


National Museum of the American Indian
Washington, DC
Specifier: Anita Jorgensen Lighting Design
LSI Products: 290 Series, BPL Mini Projector